Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Still Here, Still Pregnant

Like many other formerly infertile bloggers who become pregnant, I think I'm going through a blogger identity crisis. Though there's plenty going on in my life and uterus that I could probably make sound at least marginally interesting, I simply haven't felt much motivation to post regularly. I also feel like I should change the title of this blog, but since I'm doubtful that I'll be continuing it after my baby arrives, I'm not sure if it's worth it.

But, for the time being, I will try to continue blogging. I feel that I at least owe it to you, my readers, and to this blog to continue semi-regularly until there are baby pictures to post, and perhaps a birth story. Anything beyond that will depend on my level of sanity as I deal with a newborn, packing, parents and in-laws visiting, and traveling to China. And given China's current displeasure with Google (and vice versa), who knows how easily I'll even be able to access Blogger from there!

Anywho, since a uterus update is a bit overdue, I'll give a pregnancy notes.

  • I'm currently 24 weeks, 2 days pregnant according to me, and 24 weeks, 4 days according to my OB, who did end up moving my due date up by 2 days (at least she didn't go with the 5 recommended by the perinatologist). I just had my 24-week appointment yesterday, and my fundal height is perfectly 24cm, with a strong fetal heartbeat. 
  • I've gained about 14 pounds so far, which actually surprises me, because I thought I would have trouble gaining the weight. But my body/baby seems happy to put on a steady pound per week these days.
  • The kicking is...well, strong! I sometimes even feel it up in my ribs, even though the uterus isn't that high yet. But I guess that's part of being a long-legged, short-torsoed 5'4". I feel like I'm peeing out about twice as much liquid as I'm consuming, but I think the little guy is just using my bladder as a punching bag on occasion--or a pillow when he's sleeping.
  • My biggest pregnancy discomfort is still the various digestive issues--gas, bloating, heartburn, etc. It seemed like they were just getting worse and worse, so I finally went to acupuncture on Friday to see if anything could be done. And I've felt quite a bit better since then--I've had my appetite back in full force, and the gas seems to be...ahem...moving through a bit faster rather than getting stuck for days. Since I feel like I can't keep paying for it but would need it semi-regularly to keep the ole' GI system regulated, I think I'm going to check out a group acupuncture clinic nearby that charges on a sliding scale ($25-40 per session). That's much more affordable, and even though it doesn't sound as attractive to get my treatments while in a room with 4-5 other people, this is supposedly how acupuncture is done in China, and it's supposed to be just as effective, even though they have to focus more on arm and lower leg points so you can keep your clothes on. I'll let you know how it goes. And if you are one of the many people who has wanted to do acupuncture but hasn't wanted to pay for it, you should check out the Community Acupuncture Network and see if there's a group clinic near you.
  • Pete and I have started reading baby books, and especially about different sleep/feeding methods. He really doesn't want me to get sucked into a particular sleep philosophy and think it will be the magic solution, so he's making sure we both do our research on what's out there. I'm just happy that he's so excited about doing the research and reading the books! And in case you're wondering, the one thing we are sure of is that co-sleeping (in the same bed) is not going to be an option for us. If you really want to do it without risk of suffocating your baby, you have to sleep with no pillows and no blankets on your bed. No thank you!
In other news, we're headed to the Southeast on Friday to be with my family (including both sides of extended family) for Christmas and the week after. My thoughts are with all of you who are enduring the holidays and still in the throes of trying to get pregnant. I know how hard it is. I actually have one cousin who had a miscarriage this past May and hasn't gotten pregnant since (unless there's an announcement coming soon), so it will definitely be on my mind when I'm with her on Christmas day and everyone's asking me about my pregnancy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Cherry on Top

I just wanted to send a huge thank-you-shout-out to Oak for giving me this very cute cherry on top award. Oak's new Acorn Chronicles is looking super cute these days. As you read it, you are being watched by two huge peep-like baby chicks. They make me laugh, and they also make me want to actually click over to the blog whenever a new post shows up in my reader, rather than just reading from the reader.

Thanks Oak!

Does anyone out there in the blogging world know where these awards come from? Have any of you ever designed one on your own and just decided to start passing it around? This one didn't come with any specific instructions about what I'm supposed to write about--or if it did originally, those have been lost in all the passing around.