Friday, October 7, 2011

Closing Remarks

Considering that the last time I updated this blog, my now-6-month-old was only 3 months old, most of you who've kept me in your reader feed have probably guessed that I'm done with blogging. And you would be right.

Like most of you, I started this blog to find help and comfort during the TTC battle. Then I was overwhelmingly blessed to get pregnant and give birth to my beautiful baby boy. Throughout the infertility saga and pregnancy, I was working a job that..ahem...allowed me a certain amount of free time to piddle around on the computer. Then we took off and lived in China for 10 weeks, where I had even more time to myself, with few friends and no kitchen to speak of.

Now we're back home, for the time being. We have friends in the area. I have a Moms group at our church to attend. I have a kitchen that provides me with a seemingly infinite list of projects (both for fun and to save as much money as possible, since we're down to one measly grad student income), and a baby who only naps twice a day and who actually enjoys playing with me when he's awake. Not to mention the endless list of books I'd like to read. I'm a stay-at-home mom of one fairly compliant child, so one would think I would have more time than when I was working full-time. But I've filled that time up with things I love to do and have found blogging getting pushed farther down on the list of priorities.

Thus, the blog has been neglected. Rather than stressing myself out by adding it to my to-do list, I've cut it out. My sense is that, if I enjoyed blogging or still needed it, I would have time for it. But, apparently, I don't.

I still read some of your blogs and am following your journeys. And I miss you all. But for now, this blog has run its course. I hated to leave it hanging so inconclusively, so this serves as its conclusion. Of course I'll leave it out there on the internet, in case someone else ever stumbles upon it and finds comfort or amusement from its contents.