Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seeing Red

I woke up this morning to shooting pains in my lady parts and--the pregnant woman's nightmare--blood. In my early morning panic, it seemed like a lot of blood. Well, there it goes, I thought. It's over. Why'd it have to wait until 12 weeks?

I went downstairs shakily and sat on the couch while I called my doctor's office. I first talked to a nurse, who had an OB call me back. All the while I was dutifully searching the internet to remind myself that bleeding doesn't necessarily mean a miscarriage. The OB I talked to was very nice and reassuring, and told me all the things we know as pregnant women but have trouble believing when we actually see blood. That it was only something to be concerned about if I started having much worse cramping and soaking through pads really quickly. And that sometimes part of the placenta can detach and come out, but this is not dangerous for the baby (we did not have sex last night, so the post-sex bleeding wasn't a logical explanation).

And thank God, the bleeding mostly stopped within an hour or so, and the shooting pains have subsided. I already had my 12-week appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning, so I don't have to wait too long to get more reassurance, hopefully.

Still. It's scary, and I hope I don't see any more blood until around April 10 sometime.

In other news, I plan to go straight from my doctor's appointment tomorrow to my boss to tell him my news (assuming all looks and sounds good at the doctor's). I'm a little nervous, but also excited that the news can finally start getting out at work.


suchagoodegg said...

How utterly terrifying but as your OB said, everything is okay. Very happy you go in tomorrow and am sure you will get that peace of mind. Hang in there!

I totally feel you on how scary everything is at this early stage. I've been having lots of progesterone clumps, er, "fall" out the past week or so. And they are dark brown. It is SO unsettling, I hate seeing that color. Logic, my RE nurse and the OB-GYN says that I've been pushing this crap into my cervix for almost 10 weeks now and I'm super-saturated and also totally irritating the cervix/vaginal walls. But STILL. I hate it!!! One week til I'm done with the Crinone and 10 days until my 12 week check-up/NT scan. I hope I can make it there.

Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure it will be perfect!!! xoxo

Kakunaa said...

OMG! I would have been in utter panic mode...I am so glad everything is okay and you have an appointment to ease your mind.

Even if I hadn't told everyone right away because they knew we were doing IVF it would be no secret given the frequency of my vomiting. LOL. Let us know how it goes!!!

roadtomotherhood said...

Thinking of you. Hope your appointment goes well!

Augusta said...

That must have been so incredibly frightening. I am so relieved to read that the bleeding stopped, and glad that you'll get seen by an MD tomorrow. Perfect timing. I hope all goes well at the appointment and that your boss is supportive when you disclosed the pregnancy.

Josey said...

Ugh, how scary Ceejay. :( I'm glad the doctor's didn't think it was anything to be concerned about. Hang in there!

Nico said...

I'm *really* glad that the bleeding stopped in short order, and cannot tell you how much I hope that everything tomorrow is good at your apt.

cgd said...

So scary! I sincerely hope that everything is ok at your appt today. I know this is all very normal, but I imagine that does not make you feel much better.
thinking of you.

Oak said...

Please update after your appointment, how scary! I'm sure everything is fine and hope that everything goes swimmingly at your appointment today.

Crossed Fingers said...

Oh my gosh - that would scare me! Was it like a period flow of blood? I had spotting on and off through the first 12 weeks due to a sensitive cervix but nothing like AF.

I'm so glad it stopped and hopefully it was nothing at all. Keep us updated, keeping my fingers crossed!