Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Beginning a Registry

I just set up and started a Target baby registry yesterday. I know I'm probably doing this way earlier than most women, but I know myself, and I know it will take me a long time to get a registry I'm happy with. I spent months and months on our wedding registry. I tend to agonize a bit in making sure I'm making the most efficient use of money, and getting exactly the products I want, and making sure there's no overlap in the products, etc.

Adding to my frustration is the fact that you still can't really do this all from home if you have people who will go to stores and shop. I chose to register at Target because they have a lot of stores around us (and probably everywhere else in the country), and I want to make buying me a gift off my registry as convenient as possible for anyone attending my shower (which I'm guessing will be thrown for me sometime in the February time frame). I know that if people can't find something off my registry at their local Target easily, they'll probably just pick something else cute and get it. So, the frustration comes in with the fact that most of Target's online merchandise is not sold in stores. If I want what's available in stores, I have to go filtering through all the possibilities to find the one that is carried in stores...and then what if I don't want that one? Ugh. I expect I'll be doing lots of returning and exchanging in the months after my shower. I am also a little obsessive about not holding onto things that I don't really need or won't use, or simply don't have the space for (we are working with very limited space here--and lots of traveling).

I know, I really can't complain, and I'm really not complaining. I'm so blessed to have friends who will throw me a shower and buy me gifts, really. And it's way more fun to open real gifts at a shower than gift cards!


In other news, this Thursday is Thanksgiving, in case you didn't know. We're celebrating Thanksgiving with some of the same friends as last year. We'll have 10 of us around the table, and 6 of those are Aussies, some of whom will be experiencing their first American Thanksgiving (and pumpkin pie). Because none of the others have any experience or confidence in turkey roasting, I have become the turkey lady. I'm excited about it this year--I'm going to branch out from the traditional gravy (I've done it four times already--it's getting boring) and do an apple-maple glaze and sauce. I also went back and forth on dry brining vs. wet brining and have decided to stick with my wet brining. From what I can tell, the people who came up with dry brining did it out of a desire for convenience. I don't find wet brining that inconvenient when it's only a 12-14 pound turkey, so I'll stick with it. I'm also doing the stuffing (which will actually be dressing because I don't like actually stuffing the bird), a roasted pear salad, and a pumpkin pecan-praline pie (if you couldn't tell, I tend not to like to make the same dish in the same way twice, so I had to spice up the pumpkin pie somehow).

Last year, as we went around and shared what we were thankful for, I was unable to share the one thing that came to mind first--the fact that I had just ovulated naturally for the first time in over six years. Not something most people needed to know :). This year, I have a very active little boy in my belly, for whom I am overwhelmingly, astoundingly grateful. However, one of the other couples joining us has been struggling to get pregnant for two years, so I will definitely be toning down my emphasis on that aspect, for their sakes.


A final note. Thanks to those of you who suggested on my last post that I keep my due date where it is. I haven't heard from my OB yet on whether she wants to change it, but I am going to push to keep it on April 10, the official 40-week mark. Like Nico said, I don't want to be pushed into inducing earlier than I need to. And I also know how hard every day becomes psychologically once you go past your due date! Now my parents are just left with the dilemma of how to purchase plane tickets for coming to visit. They'd like to be here for the actual delivery, but they also don't want to risk spending half their trip with us before I go into labor. We'll see what they decide.


Lesley (and Eric) said...

I didn't register and am not having a shower, but I agree that picking out baby stuff is hard. But super fun! I hope that your guests get you what you need-- I've seen a lot of people complaining on the WTE community site that everyone shopped on their own (leading to like 100 bibs and nothing else). Oh well- you'll have to do returns!

I'm thrilled that you have so much to be thankful for this year.

Kakunaa said...

We registered, well, started, at 13 weeks, LOL. I couldn't wait. I meant to be organized, but it's insane. We figured it gives choices :) and price ranges. Sooo much fun! Enjoy it, and, umm, can I come to your house for turkey day???

sienna said...

ooh, registering is going to be fun!! dh and i came out to all our friends this weekend, but on friday after dinner (before we told anyone), we decided to go to the baby store super duper late at night and poke around. dh wanted to register right then and there, but i had to stop him. i didn't feel right registering before the cat was fully out of the bag!!
your thanksgiving sounds like it'll be delightful and yummy :o) happy turkey day!! xoxo.

Josey said...

I'm so happy you have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. :)

We live by my in-laws, but they've also invited any of our friends who dont have family here, so there will be 10 of us celebrating together tomorrow - I can't wait!

AmyG said...

You had me at apple-maple glaze!

infertilefollies said...

You should absolutely get exactly what you want for your registry. :) I wish I had the wedding registry to do over again; I would be more like you! Good luck with all the choosing!