Saturday, June 5, 2010

What We Did on Memorial Day

We did something awesome last weekend.

Something we've been wanting to do ever since we moved to this area. And something we never did because it was too expensive.

But Groupon got us what would normally be a $103 tour for about $40.

 I know it looks all high-tech and electric and everything. But it's basically a 50cc motorcycle with 3 wheels. And a GPS-guided recording that tells you where to turn and little tidbits about what you're passing (and cleverly pretends to be out of breath after you drive up a hill).

I did let Pete drive. He just took more pictures while I was in the driver's seat.

Despite the fact that we've lived in this area for almost four years now, and done lots of touristy things in that time, we still saw some areas of the city we hadn't seen before.

It was...

(I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this sign in Chinatown.)

And we ended the day with chocolate and wine (also thanks to Groupon).

That's all for now.


Shirley said...

What's this little excursion company called? It does look like a lot of fun!

Jenny said...

That thing is so cool looking! And the chocolate looks beautiful and delicious.

I've heard of Groupon and all the amazing deals you can get. I should look into it to see what's near my area. :)

Adele said...

That sounds like a great day, and a lot of fun. And the picture of that chocolate has me heading towards my kitchen cupboards for a good rummage:)

Missy said...

Sounds like fun. I have some good finds on Groupon as well. It's a great site.

Leslie said...


I love that sign, too. Classic.

Wade's World said...

That looks awesome!