Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Have a Heartbeat!

I firmly believe that very few people in the world care to look at other people's ultrasound pictures. Especially the transvaginal ultrasounds. Who wants to see a picture that was taken from someone else's vagina? And there's not much to see that early anyway.

Nonetheless, I'm shamelessly posting mine. Just because I've wondered so often what it would be like to post an ultrasound picture somewhere on the internet. And no way am I ever posting one on facebook. I've had my day ruined too many times by seeing other people's in my feed.

Baby Peebs (yes, that's our dorky code name, and how we came up with it is a long story that I don't even remember) has a strong heartbeat, and is measuring at 7 weeks 3 days, which is exactly what I had calculated based on when I ovulated.

We're pretty ecstatic. It was really amazing to see that little flickering heartbeat inside my uterus! I feel a little less begrudging of the all-day sickness and bloating I've been experienced now that I know there really is a living being inside of me. And I feel like I can finally embrace this pregnancy.

Pete and I are now debating as to when we should start telling people, and who to tell when. 12 weeks seems to be the norm, but I read somewhere that the chance of a miscarriage after seeing a heartbeat goes down to 2-4% for someone who has no history of miscarriage or reason to fear it. When I told Pete that, he thought we should go ahead and tell all our semi-close friends. I still feel hesitant, but maybe it's just because most of them have waited until 12 weeks to tell us. And we have told our parents and two close friends who knew about our TTC saga. I needed the support while I was fearing the worst.

What do you all think about telling friends? I think most of you whose blogs I'm following (yes, I'm still following, even though I haven't commented much recently) who are pregnant waited until around 12 weeks. Any pros or cons either way?


cgd said...

Amazing!!! So glad that everything is going well. I know telling people is very personal. You are right that the risks go down after you see a strong HB. I know others will wait until after the NT scan. You need to do what ever is comfortable for you. I am glad a few people know so that you are not alone in this (both for the excitement and anxiety!!).
Keep us posted.

Nico said...

You know how happy I am for you :-) After the roller coaster at the beginning (and dr. Idiot), it's so so great that you're getting to experience this joy!

I told most of the people who knew about my IF journey and close friends well before 12 weeks. and I have to say, after my m/c last time, I was glad that I had told those people. There were a few people I wanted to know about the m/c but I hadn't already told them I was pg, and somehow it's so hard to bring up. So there are a few friends who don't know, even though I kinda would like them to, because I can't find a way to say it. That's my 2c.

Josey said...

I used to think we'd wait until 12 weeks, but now I think if I ever see that BFP, I'll need that support from family and closer friends... Sorry, I don't have any practical knowledge of what to suggest!

I'm so happy you heard the heartbeat - wonderful!!!

Kakunaa said...

All of my family, friends, and coworkers knew when our blood test was, so they heard shortly after we did, at 4 weeks. Which made us nervous, but is one of the only downfalls of being out to everyone. What about giving it 1 more week? 8 weeks?

Congrats on the heartbeat!! We are hoping to see one Monday :)

Oh, and I said I wouldn't post on FB, but I did...mainly because I have a group of IF friends on there, and am open, so it's a little different. And my blog shall be inundated. I can't help wanting to share. But I know why you are hesitant.

Oak said...

Our basic thought was if you'd tell the person if something went wrong, then tell the person you're pregnant. Although that sort of kicked us in the ass as one of those people told other people and it snowballed and The Boy was pretty pissed at me for pushing to tell the gossiper. So tell people you trust but be cautious as if you don't want it to get out, its best to keep it close to the vest.

Oak said...

AND! Congrats on a strong heartbeat!

roadtomotherhood said...

SO HAPPY for you!!!!! :-) Tell people when you feel it's right. I told parents/immediate family after we heard the heartbeat and waited to tell friends until 11 weeks. I knew as soon as I told friends it would end up on I didn't tell until I was ready for that! Once again, this is AWESOME news and I can't wait to follow your pregnancy!!!

Littlest True Blue said...

I'm so excited for you! I was waiting to hear how your appt went! Love the u/s pic...who cares! We have all been there done that! Post away!

Crossed Fingers said...

Congrats! I'm so glad everything is going smoothly!

When you feel like sharing - share. I told my parents on day #1 and my two close friends. It was slow spreading news by everyone knew by week 12.

Leslie said...

Yay!!! This is thrilling! I am glad you posted the pic- I AM interested in your u/s pictures!

As for telling, I told a couple of my really close girlfriends right away, but they knew not to tell anyone else. These are the kinds of girlfriends that I share everything with, and I know they are trustworthy with my secrets and emotions. I didn't tell anyone else until after the NT scan. If that info helps you make a decision... :)

Missy said...

Congrats! I would think about whether there is anyone you don't want to know now. The more people you tell, the more other people will find out who you didn't tell directly. The less secret it will feel to people. So if there is a reason you still want to keep it private now other than just the chance of miscarriage (as in not ready to tell work yet), then I would hold off.

Busted Kate said...

AHHHH!!!! Amazing!!! Congrats!!!! Most amazing thing in the world, THRILLED for you :-)

You know, for me telling close family and friends after we got the heartbeat was a special treat. I told folks that I'd want to be there for me if (god forbid) things went sideways, so I'd have that support system there for me. It was nice having folks there for me, so I'm glad I did.

Good luck!!! Go sticky baby!

Kakunaa said...

I wanted to let you know I changed my blog:

Augusta said...

Hi Ceejay,
I'm just visiting your lovely blog for the first time today and wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy. That is so very exciting!

I also have HA and wanted to commend you on the commentary you wrote about it in this blog. I agree that if more women knew about the risks of low-fat, calorie-reduced diets and overexercising, they might make different choices.

It gives me hope that you are able to sustain a pregnancy. We have ruled out using my eggs, but are attempting a DE cycle in the fall.

Enjoy this wonderful time in your life.