Friday, May 27, 2011

Pinching Myself

I keep having moments during which I suddenly look around and can't believe where I am. I can't believe that little ole' me actually managed to conceive, survive a pregnancy for 9 months, deliver, and now nurture a beautiful child who's actually growing and developing the way he should. Those are all things that have seemed so far away, grown up, and, well, inconceivable my whole life. Heck, sometimes I still can't believe I managed to snag a great guy, get married, and that we've survived on our own without adults for almost 5 years. How did this happen?

And then, how did we manage to travel across the world and set up a new little life, albeit a temporary one, in Beijing? Am I really smart enough for all this?


In other news, I'm a bit apprehensive that my little one may be a super early roller and walker. He's already managed to push up hard enough with his feet to fall from being on his tummy, where I had put him for tummy time, to almost on his back. And that was at 6 weeks. I'm not ready for him to start rolling for real! And, even more scary: he can pretty much support his entire weight standing on his legs at this point--with one of us holding his upper body steady, of course. He absolutely loves pushing off with his feet and bouncing--he gets so proud of himself. I'm awfully proud of him, too, but I'm definitely not going to be ready for it when he does start walking. I think he's going to be a super active little toddler. Probably just like his dad--super active and athletic. I guess maybe that will compensate a bit for the fact that he looks just like me.

The rest of the fam is off hiking the Great Wall today. I'm home with the little bean. I've been there before, so I don't feel too down in the dumps being left out this time. The in-laws leave in approximately 70 hours. Not that anyone's excited about being able to finally really settle into this apartment or anything.


Josey said...

LOL, oh shit, you're going to be RUNNING after him soon. :) Good luck with that!

foxy said...

just this morning I was standing in our kitchen looking around, wondering is this really MY home? Is that really MY husband? It felt so perfect, yet at the same time, like maybe I was about to wake up from a really vivid dream.

enjoy every minute!

Alex said...

You sound so happy - I love this!!!

Sounds like the little guy is growing strong - so happy for you!

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Oak said...

I'm not a member of the Babywise mom group - wow, Cormac's got a name twin! Fun! :)

Mac is also super strong already! Erik walked at 8 months so I'm pretty sure we're on track for that...crap!