Friday, April 2, 2010

Join the Blog Hop!

I can't write much right now because I'm typing on our netbook, and the small keyboard aggravates a chronic sore wrist I have. I know, I'm too young to have carpal tunnel. But it hurts. So that's my excuse. I'll try to write more later or tomorrow. Also, I'm just on CD 10 right now and not expecting anything to happen any time soon, so there's no news to report from my uterus or cervix. We do have some good news from hubby's testes: we finally got his semen analysis results back, and everything checked out beautifully on his end. I'm quite proud of his little soldiers. They are prolific and mostly forward moving and normally shaped.

I did want to make a quick post because I am participating in Busted Plumbing's bloghop. If you want to join, your first hop should take you to her blog to follow her directions!

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Leslie said...

Good news on the soldiers!!! Congrats!
And thanks for the link, I will now add myself.

Anonymous said...

Saw your link on Busted Plumbing...thought I'd leave a comment - I'm also starting the oriental medicine/ herbal teas twice daily starting Monday and have also had problems with ovulation (Didn't ovulate until CD 33 last cycle!). Anyways, I'm interested in seeing how these herbal teas work out! Good luck with your TTC journey!

Valerie said...

Found your blog through the blog hop as well. I got pregnant thanks to acupuncture and chinese herbs. I was completely sold after my first acupuncture appointment. I had super long cycles and a short LP, but my RE couldn't find anything else wrong. The acupuncture shortened my cycles and within 4 months I was finally pregnant. I hope this route works just as well for you.

Hannah said...

So glad you got great results from the analysis! And thanks for letting me know about the blog hop. Have a wonderful Easter!