Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off to a Weekend of...Distraction?

My little brother is graduating from college this weekend.

He's not quite finished with classes, but I guess he's close enough to walk in the graduation ceremony. He's gotten through college the same way he's gotten through most things life. In a very laid-back manner. I won't disclose how old he is at this point. He's pretty brilliant, but pretty much the opposite of me when it comes to drive and motivation. I could  learn a lot about relaxing and going with the flow from him. And yes, he could stand to learn a thing or two from me. But I spent 18 years of my life trying to be his mom, and it didn't go over too well. So now I just try to be his friend. And since I married a guy that my brother happens to get along with really well, I think he's also started to respect me a little more. I guess he figures I must be at least a little bit cool if I could catch a guy like Pete.

Pete my husband, that is. My brother's  name also happens to be Pete. Yes, it's confusing and annoying. But neither is willing to go back to being Peter. They armwrestled once for the honor of keeping the name "Pete," and my husband actually won, though barely. But the rest of us simply couldn't get used to calling my brother Peter after calling him Pete for so long.

My brother has actually turned into quite the handsome young man. If you happen to know any eligible young ladies in there early 20s who live in Ohio, well, he's on the market and quite eligible, in my opinion. I don't have a good recent picture of him, but here's a  picture of our family from back in the 80s sometime.

We were so cute! That was probably our family picture that we sent back to family in the States for Christmas or something. Notice how we're strategically posed in front of a very exotic, Filipino-looking vehicle. I have many memories of getting these kinds of pictures taken. Squinting into the 95-degree humidity and trying to keep a natural smile, which is a hard thing for a kid. We don't perfect the art of calling up the natural-looking smile on command until sometime in middle school or high school. Maybe it's posing for prom pictures that does it for us.

Anyway, it should be an interesting weekend, as we are staying in the house that my brother lives in with three other college guys. I'm preparing myself to suppress the mommy-voice inside me all weekend.

I was happy to hear that we actually get our own room. I was expecting that we'd be on a mattress on the floor in the room with my brother, which would make any attempts at catching my fertile window very interesting, if I happen to ovulate in the next few days. (No, it hasn't happened yet. Still waiting.) But I guess my brother wasn't really anxious to sleep in the room with the married couple, so he's sleeping on the couch. He just warned us to treat the mattress nicely. Hehe. We're getting pretty good at quickies these days, so I think we should be okay.

So yeah. I'm hoping the distraction of the weekend will be what my body needs to finally ovulate. But I'm actually feeling a bit more peaceful on that front. I'm just trying to trust that it just took a while for a follie to start growing, but once it started, it's been right on track and healthy. That's what I'm telling myself.

What are your plans this weekend?


Leslie said...

That's a cute picture! I had a 3-day stopover in the Philippines once, and I totally remember those awesomely garish vehicles. What were they called again? It wasn't Jeepneys, was it?

Sounds like you'll have a super fun weekend-- smiling prettily for the latest round f family pictures. Me, on the other hand, I still haven't mastered that whole smiling-for-the-camera thing, thus I look like a squinty 8 year old in nearly all of my photos.

I hope your o-day doesn't happen in frat row, but hey, maybe all those male hormones will bring it on. Who knows?

E and I are going to buy wood for our next woodshop project this weekend, and go on another hike, to a different waterfall. As you know, spring in CA (particularly lasts about 5 minutes, so you really have to pack in the experiences to catch it!

Alex said...

Sounds like a nice weekend - funny about your two Pete's. Enjoy that weekend - just think, if you o while you're there, it will be just like you're teenagers, sneaking off to "do it." Enjoy!!!

Love the pic of your family!

Adele said...

I love that photograph - you all look so sweet and happy, and your brother is a little cutie (as are you). I tried to mother my brother, too. For years. It's nice when adulthood let's you settle into a different type of relationship. I hope it's a great weekend, and I'm glad you get your own room (because I bet the big O strikes exactly while you're in the midst of other things!). And I think you're looking at that egg the right way - slow and steady does so often win the race.

My plans for the weekend involve a trip to IKEA and a dinner out with my hubby. Maybe a spot of spring cleaning. But that one is in third place:)

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time this weekend. I get along with my siblings so much better now that we are all adults. We are (all six of us) like best friends now -- something we never expected in our younger years!

My plans this weekend are boring ... major yard sale on base, housework, movies, say goodbye to DH for deployment (boo).

Hannah said...

What were the chances of getting two Petes? Hope you have a wonderful time at the graduation! That photo is adorable!

Melissa G said...

Oh man I can relate to the Husband/Brother name fiasco ALL TO WELL. Both my brother and my husband are named Brian - there's no way to shroten it or make it sound different either... They once had a bowling duel and decided the winner would be called "King Brian" to differentiate. Boys...

CUTE family photo! I hope you enjoy your trip, and that your body cooperates. ;)

Nothing terribly exciting going on with me. I'm donating blood tomorrow in the afternoon and going to a bbq in the evening.

Anonymous said...

You may have already seen this on 999 reasons if you visit that blog...but if you haven't.... you need to rock this song out as soon as you ovulate!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hope you ovulate soon!! Glad you got your own room for this trip-it's so important to have that little bit of privacy, isn't it?
Hope the grad all went to plan :)