Monday, May 10, 2010

Fun, 1950s Style

I helped to throw a huge party this weekend. For about 120 people. During which we cooked everyone's meals fresh and made-to-order. I wore a real, live (well, not actually barking) poodle skirt. And roped my husband into reliving his table-waiting days and helping me serve the food.

Let me just zoom in on that skirt so you can appreciate the poodle in all her glory.

One of my coworkers made it for me without me even asking. And yes, that is a real Thunderbird behind us in that first picture. We called in the local Thunderbird Club (I didn't even know such things existed before this party) and asked one of the men if he'd like some free publicity.

The purpose of the party was to appreciate all the volunteers who help us run the children's program I help to oversee in my job. Those of us who get paid to do this throw a huge shindig every year to show those who are not paid how much we love them. We wanted to do something family-friendly this year so the volunteers wouldn't have to find babysitters, so we did a 1950s soda shop and diner. Complete with jello, hoola-hoops, yo-yos, slinkies, bubble gum, and, of course, milkshakes galore.

I paid the price all day yesterday. Exhaustion + Mother's Day + working all morning + having people for dinner + PMS = one tough Sunday. And I could break the PMS element down even further, but I think you all get the point.

And yes, I do think I am experiencing PMS. I had an acupuncture appointment Saturday morning, and Katy (my acupuncturist) seemed to think my period would be on its way soon, since I'm nearing day 50 and my last two natural cycles were around 50 days long. I didn't believe her, because I couldn't imagine getting my period without ovulating. That's never happened to me (in my great experience of 4 cycles), and, more importantly, that doesn't seem to happen to those of us who suffer from hypothalamic amenorrhea. We frequently have really long cycles--or no cycles at all--but I haven't heard of any other HAer who got her period without ovulating.

Then I woke up yesterday morning feeling all my normal PMS symptoms. The menstrual cramps. The extreme fatigue. The backache. The sore boobs. And the crappy emotions. Though who knows if they were due to hormones or Mother's Day. And they're all hanging around today, though no signs of blood yet.

So maybe she's right. My acupuncturist, that is. I definitely felt like my estrogen was surging a couple of weeks ago, trying to ovulate. For some reason, it didn't quite surge high enough, or decided to quit half way, and I didn't actually release an egg--based on my lack of a temperature rise. That's a little frustrating, but maybe fairly common among women just starting acupuncture and herbs? Especially since Katy had me go ahead and switch from the ovulation herbs to the luteal phase herbs last week. I don't know. But at least if I get my period, I can move forward and start the next cycle. I'm so over this one. And Katy wants me to take clomid again, so next cycle should be much shorter.

But. I'm not counting on anything. My body has played tricks on me before. Until I see red, I'm still in limbo land.


Julize said...

That looks like so much fun!! What a great idea, to get a car and everything! You guys are adorable.

I'm sorry to hear about AF. I agree--it's probably better to just bring this cycle to a close so you can start fresh. Here's hoping those ovaries cooperate better next month!

Adele said...

How fun! And I love your poodle skirt:) That's a great photograph. Milkshakes...mmmmmmm. Though, I can imagine you were tired out on Sunday.

How very frustrating about your cycle. I've heard that about your body gearing up to ovulate and then not doing it in the end. I hope AF DOES come on so that you can start fresh.

Alex said...

So weird about your cycle. It does seem odd that you would have a period without ovulation. Hopefully this next cycle is better!!!

I LOVE the poodle skirt - and your party sounds amazing!

Crossed Fingers said...

I'm sorry to hear about AF being just around the corner. How frustrating!

The party looked like a lot of fun and a great idea! :) Love the poodle skirt!

Kakunaa said...

What a fabulous party! I'm diggin it. AF sucks, but getting to start a new cycle is always kind of exciting, right?

Nic said...

Hoping that these signs and symptoms DO mean AF is on her way!! If not, would it be worth doing provera to start a fresh cycle with clomid (after the obligatory snowy white HPT, of course)? xox

Party looks amazing, your outfit is perfect!