Friday, March 12, 2010

Even Dodgier than Expected

After the unexpected positive OPK last Sunday, my ovulation played out even more unexpectedly. I woke up Monday morning with a 97.8 temp, and after the 96.9 on Sunday, I simply assumed that I had ovulated. P and I debated about whether to have sex again that night but decided it was probably too late to make a difference, so we decided not to worry about it. Then, I woke up Tuesday with my temp back down to 96.9! I was so confused--and kicking myself for not OPKing on Monday. I spent a couple of days really concerned that my body had tried to ovulate and failed. But my temp was up to 97.7 on Wednesday and has gone up since. So I did ovulate at some point. I just really have no idea when between CD 21 and 23.

I am now officially 3-5 dpo. How the hell am I supposed to know when to POAS? I guess I don't need to decide that now. What I do need to figure out is when to go in to get me progesterone test. I had all these great plans of going in first thing in the morning at exactly 7 dpo to catch it at the highest possible level. But now I have no idea when 7 dpo will be. My best plan is to go in on Monday, which will be probably either 6 or 8 dpo--right in the middle of the suspected 7 dpo range. I'm sure it won't make a huge difference in any case. If my progesterone is low, it's going to be low no matter when I go in.

I did start on the progesterone suppositories today. I hear they don't affect your bloodwork too much, so I'm hoping they don't skew the results of the test. I've started to have cramps today that feel very similar to the past couple of two-week waits, which is a little discouraging. But I guess nothing would have implanted at this point anyway, so I should expect things to be the same.

I'm just reminding myself to be thankful. I am ovulating on my own, and I only had to get to a BMI of 19.5 for that to start happening. Even if my ovulations haven't been great, at least they're happening. And the clomid didn't shorten things up. These are really good signs.

And Pete and I were talking last night about how these extra months of me working full-time have definitely been a financial boost. We ended up with quite a few more big expenses at the end of last year than we expected when we first decided we were ready to have a baby. So I know God has been working through the timing. But God, really, this cycle would be the perfect timing! I would have the baby at the beginning of December, which means I could keep working through the middle of November. Then I could just go ahead and quit, and we could be ready to head over to Beijing for 3 months P's exchange program at the end of January. I wouldn't have to worry about finding a job while there to give me something to do. I could just take care of the wee one and take full-time language classes. If this cycle doesn't work, we will probably have to adjust the whole time-line for the exchange program, as I would be very hesitant to go that far within a few weeks of having a baby, and definitely hesitant to have the baby in Beijing. Not because I don't trust Beijing hospitals but because I really don't want to be in labor under the care of doctors and nurses who don't speak English! So really, God. This has to be the one.


Leslie said...

I hope this is the one!!!! Although, are there any benefits to being born in China? It could be kind of cool...

I had the same thing as you this last cycle, with the temp dip a couple of days after o-day (I think).
I'm not really sure what all happened.

Ceejay said...

I'm sure there have to be some cool benefits to being Chinese born. Dual citizenship maybe? That would be a nice perk. And they do let you stay in the hospital much longer with a private room and massages for both mother and father. I could definitely handle that.

Alex said...

Thanks for the comment - no I'm not really sure about ov-ing, as you call it, at all this cycle. My temps rose, but I wasn't tracking every day, so my chart's a little sketch.

And I REALLY hope this month is it for you!!! Sending good vibes your way...