Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Obligatory Update

I've been super busy these past couple of days, which is the reason for the lack of blog communication. But, I promised myself I would at very least keep a basic record of my progress here, so I'm popping on for that update.

I'm on CD 17 today after my first crack at 50mg of clomid (to correct the lpd). I'm hoping, hoping, hoping for an earlier ovulation than the past two cycles. I have been warned that it could actually take longer, which seems weird. But I'll try not to freak out if it does. As long as it's a good ovulation this time and I have higher progesterone at 7dpo. We shall see. Starting to see a few signs of ewcm, but little else in the way of O yet. Really, my body just has no clue that most people get things going by CD 14.

I did convince DH that we should get him a semen analysis if this cycle doesn't work. He realized how important it was for my peace of mind and, like the dear he his, agreed he could go in to a clinic and wack off. Although he would like it if I came along to help ;). Something to look forward to if this cycle fails.
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Adele said...

It's a big step for guys, I think. My DH was like a blushing schoolboy when he went for his. Hilariously, my clinic had a gentleman receptionist to handle nervous Neds like himself, and I think that helped. By the second time around (second clinic) he was an old hand (no pun intended:) and started waxing poetic about the different calibre of, ahem, reading material... Thinking good thoughts for your cycle, and that you'll get that O soon!. (And thanks so much for your comments on my blog!)