Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Non-TTC Intro

First of all, welcome to my blog if you're stopping by from ICLW! I'm excited to participate for the first time, and I promise to stop by your blog if you comment here. My brief intro is that hubby and I are trying for #1, and though we've only been trying since July '09, I have known since shortly after that (and if I were honest, for a long time) that I had issues--namely hypothalamic amenorrhea. I did manage to get my cycles back by gaining some weight, but now they're very long and I have really low progesterone, so clearly everything is not as it should be. We're not going the RE route right now (no insurance coverage, so the cost is too high), but I'm about to start acupuncture and herbs and see where that goes.

Since I haven't talked much here about the rest of my life, I thought I'd give a few fun non-TTC facts about myself here.

  1. I lived in the Philippines until I was 11 years old. I am not even 1% Filipina, but my parents moved there to do non-profit missionary work. It was definitely my home, though, and the transition back to the US (right in time to start the fun phase of life called junior high) was rough, to say the least.
  2. I love, love, love to cook. I'm really into baking, especially baking bread. I just had one of my homemade bagels for breakfast this morning (with homemade jelly on top). I also love to eat, and I especially love trying new, exotic foods. My favorite dish when I was a kid was baby squid cooked in its own ink. Which is why it's a bit ironic that I have hypothalamic amenorrhea for being too thin. As much as I love to eat, I guess I'm also a little too self-disciplined about it. 
  3. I also absolutely adore reading good books. I just finished up my MA thesis (in English literature, of course) last December, so I'm loving the extra time I have to read books for fun. Favorite authors include John Donne (the subject of my thesis), John Steinbeck, Chaim Potok, Jane Austen (can't resist--she was an absolute genius at writing novels), and hundreds more I can't think of right now.
  4. My entire wedding, which was fairly large (200ish guests) and every bit as elaborate as I wanted, only cost $5000. Made possible by many talented and generous friends.
  5. Hubs and I plan to move overseas within the next few years (once he finishes his Ph.D.). Most likely to China. Partially because I've always wanted my own kids to have the international upbringing I had. And partially because we just aren't cut out to live in one place for the rest of our lives.
I find it sad that after writing five non-IF things about myself, my first inclination was to put something in about the TTC. I guess that's how it goes. But I will give a brief update on that front. Today is either 12 or 14 dpo, so I decided to pretend it was 14 dpo and test this morning. Result: one very dark line. Just one. I was hoping that would help me to move on and accept that AF will be coming soon, because I know she is, but of course there's still this annoying part of me that is insisting FF was wrong and today was only 12 dpo, and I still have a chance. I'm trying to shut that voice up, but my boobs keep throbbing in pain and keeping the voice alive. Grrr. But I'm really actually doing okay emotionally, thank God. Just annoyed with my boobs.


Love B&P said...

I hope that acupuncture works for you! I know what it's like to sit there and stare at a test and purely hoping, as you said, that FF was wrong. I loved FF except for when I m/c because I knew it was happening before my body started showing signs - my temp began to drop a week later... in any event, I look forward to following your blog!

take care
Laura [ICLW #96]

Wishing 4 One said...

Hey what an interesting post, life you have huh? I sure hope your quest for baby ends up wonderful, its a hard road to be on, I know but never give up, even when you fell like you want to. So happy iclw, cool to have visited your blog today.

April said...

Hi! Welcome to ICLW. I wish you the best of luck on this cycle and I hope it works out for you.


Leslie said...

Hi Ceejay, I really enjoyed your 'fun facts'. It's amazing how much we get to know about each other's reproductive life, and how little about the rest. I am so impressed that you made your own bagels!! And let me know if you discover a (new to you) good novel.

E and I had a very similar wedding experience. It was amazing. We pulled off a big-ish wedding that everyone said was the most fun one they'd ever been to, and we hardly spent anything. What's more, we didn't do much planning (e.g., I only went to one store to try on wedding dresses). Which was probably why it was so fun!

And I also hear you on the not wanting to sit in one place thing. I'm ready to move now!

Thanks for the acupuncture info. I'll look into it if things don't proceed the way we want them to soon...

Stickles McQueen said...

Hi Ceejay,

I'm doing acupuncture and herbs as well, and although it hasn't gotten me my BFP, the experience has been positive enough that I would certainly recommend it.

I also have really annoying boobs as well. I can't rely on them as a early pregnancy indicator at all because they always get sore towards the end of my 2ww.

Best of luck to you!

daega99 said...

I love acupuncture. It's a shame that IF is the reason that I discovered it but I would not give up my acupunturist for anything at the moment!


jrs said...

good luck in your journey. I'm sure your bread making skills make for some tasty times.

iclw #79

Jennifer said...

I totally get the not wanting to believe that AF is coming. I always hold out hope until she arrives. No matter what the test says. Good luck on your journey. How wonderful that you want to move overseas! I will continue to follow your journey.

Catrisha T said...

I love the fact that you had an international upbringing and you want to do that with your child/ren. That is such an amazing feat. I wish you the best of luck in TTC, and I'm hoping that FF was wrong about how many DPO you are, and you get your BFP soon.

ICLW #33

Auntie K said...

Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I just came across your blog today. I plan on going as far back as I can to read about your journey, and if you're interested I'd love for you to stop by my blog as well. It's private, so if you want, just shoot me an email at wherehopegrows at gmail dot com! :)