Monday, February 1, 2010

Just in Time

After all my freaking out on Saturday, I woke up Sunday morning feeling somewhat resigned to the loss of this cycle. My temp was 97, which was lower, but no sore boobs. I figured I still had a few days to go, if not more.

Then. I got home from church and decided to OPK, but I hadn't done great on reducing my liquids. So I peed and then tried to wait a bit. But I was hungry and planned to eat lunch soon, and lunch necessarily includes more liquids, so I decided I needed to eek out a little more. I did--just barely enough to dip the test stick in up to the line when my pee cup was tilted to the side. The purple started moving up the test window. What? What is that? A second line materializing already? With negative OPKs, the second line doesn't usually start to materialize until the purple background starts fading. But there it was. And it just kept getting darker and darker! It was the most positive result I've ever gotten--the test line way darker than the control.

That was followed by really sore boobs last night. I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep, they were so sore. Thankfully, the soreness faded a little before I went to bed.

My temp was back up to 97.4 this morning, so I'm hoping that means I ovulated last night. My boobs are still a bit sore today, but the OPK was just barely negative. If I did in fact ovulate last night, it was 3.5 days after our last BMS. Not too bad. I would have preferred not quite as long of a gap there. But I'm very thankful that we have a fighting chance this time.

I'll be in Hong Kong when I can test. Boo. I would much rather be somewhere near my hubby so he can rejoice with or comfort me as needed. I might either test right before I leave, which will be 11 dpo, or just wait until I get back (at 18 dpo) and test if my period hasn't come. If I'm not pregnant, AF should come while I'm in Hong Kong.

Another crazy thing--if I am pregnant, my due date will be October 24. Which is my birthday. Our family is plagued with children being born on their parents' birthdays, so I guess I would just be falling into a pattern. At least it's not January--the month when DH and basically half of his extended family--and my dad--all have their birthdays. That month is saturated.

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