Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Infertility Social Networking Pet Peeve

I can't be the only one who is starting to dread checking my facebook because of the many pregnancy and baby-related updates I will see. Seriously. Every time I check my home page, there is bound to be at least two. My least favorite? Ultrasound pictures that become people's profile pictures. Really? Do you really want a picture that was taken from your wife's vagina as your profile picture? I have news for you. No one wants to see that except your mother. Other annoying habits: women whose every status update has something to do with the discomforts of pregnancy. Or moms who change their email addresses to something like "" or "busymommy@yahoo." Jimmy's future little siblings are out of luck, I guess.

The latest, and this is not really a social networking thing but is nonetheless annoying, is the professional maternity photo shoot. I just popped on my fb account and saw that a friend of a friend had uploaded an album of professional maternity pictures. That's a tradition that ranks up there with the Texas tradition of pre-wedding bridal portraits in strangeness.

Would any of this bother me if I had gotten pregnant within the first month of trying? I can't really say. I'd like to think it would, because I've always felt sympathetic to the plight of the infertile woman--but that's probably because I've always suspected I would be an infertile. So I have always vowed that if I ever do get pregnant and have a child, I will not be one of those people. My children will not exist on facebook. Just to retaliate at all the child-obsessed social networkers out there. I'm sure they'll learn their lesson for good from that.

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Leslie said...

Facebook is so wrong for so many reasons! But I'm on there-- I need a break every 20 minutes or so from thinking and typing, so what else would I do? I don't shop, so online shopping is out... infertility blogging is a nice diversion too. It helps so much!

But I couldn't agree more! Someone should start one of those annoying facebook 'causes', like '10,000,000 to support ending plastic bottles' or whatever. But ours will be: '10,000,000 to boycott pictures of your uterus on facebook"