Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Short Break

Just a quick update here. I just finished my last 50mg clomid pill two days ago, so now I'm back on the waiting-for-ovulation train. But, I at least get to enjoy a break from any physical reminders of IF for a few days--no daily pill-taking and too early for daily OPKs. They will come soon enough. Of course, my body won't let me forget about it, even if my mind were capable of it. I'm having all the same cramps and pain in my ovaries/abdomen area that I seem to have more often than not these days. I'm trying not to be concerned about it, though it does seem unusual to feel my ovaries so often. I don't think it's just hypersensitivity. Anyway, I'm interested to see how early I ovulate this cycle. Someone on my HA board warned that it could actually take longer than my normal cycle, which was a bit surprising. But at least I know to try not to freak out if I haven't ovulated by day 33.

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